Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ1

The Tubolare Zagato iteration of the Giulia series was a hand-crafted, purpose-built racer. Developed along with Autodelta, it featured a tubular spaceframe chassis and lightweight aluminium bodywork, with the 105-series Giulia's 1570cc twin-cam heart beating within. It had disc brakes and all-independent suspension, and weighed just 650kg, meaning that it was as quick and capable as it was jaw-droppingly gorgeous. The nose has more than a hint of the Ferrari 250 GTO, while the Kamm-tail is pure Shelby Daytona, yet the featherweight little poppet is unmistakably both an Alfa and a Zagato product.
This green example was one of a number that were stretching their legs at the Goodwood Revival - it caught SuckSqueezeBangBlow's eye largely because it's an unusual shade of green rather than the usual red. Like all TZ1s, it looks sublime and its meaty, guttural exhaust note surprised onlookers who expected something tinny and rasping. A true thoroughbred, this, and everything a classic racer should be. Magnificent.

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