Friday, 17 August 2012

SSBB Greatest Hits

The fifth anniversary of SuckSqueezeBangBlow is fast approaching. Fancy joining the celebrations? Why not pop down to the Ace Café on the evening of September 11th? There will be cool cars, beer and meat, which is frankly all anyone could ask for. Click here for details.

I've just been combing through the stats since SSBB began back in September 2007, and have compiled a list of the top ten most popular cars ever posted on the blog. One or two surprises in there... click the titles to see the original posts.

Mike Burroughs' E28.

Golf GTI W12-650.

This Lada.

Polski Fiat 126 Group 2.

Karmann Ghia RS.

De Tomaso Longchamp.

MX-5 fastback.

This Rekord.

Mike Burroughs' E9.

Yugo Integrale.

My, you are a diverse bunch.

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