Thursday, 16 August 2012

S110 Silvia

The S110-generation Nissan Silvia is a model that largely passed us by in the UK. Group B rally fans may well be aware of the Nissan 240RS, which was based on the S110, but the standard road car seldom graced our shores with its Lagonda-esque snout and awkwardly short wheelbase.
Sounds like I'm knocking the styling, but I'm not - its awkwardness is sublime, I love the unfettered eighties-ness and angularity. This is a genuinely attractive car.
It was an ambitious one too. Nissan originally designed this generation of Silvia to run a rotary engine, hoping that the coupé would be a flagship for their technological engine-bay endeavours. This never came to pass thanks to Nissan's unfortunate inability to get the Wankel project off the ground, so the S110 was instead treated to the new twin-cam Z-series engines, with various fuel-injected and turbocharged options on the order list.
...and as you can see from these photos, they lend themselves very well to the two-tone-paint-and-dishy-split-rims look. What a wonderfully odd little thing it is.
Via HTF.

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