Friday, 10 August 2012

Retro Cars - September 2012

You may be excited to learn that the latest issue of Retro Cars magazine is in the shops. (Try WHSmiths, or you can buy it online here.) Treats within include:
- Fiat 600 with a frickin' Lotus-Ford twin-cam in it
- Droop-snoot HC Viva, straight outta the nineties Max Power era
- driving to Cortina in a Cortina
- W115 Merc lowrider
- an in-yer-face-purple 911 Targa
- a couple of mkI Escorts with varying numbers of doors
- unique Series 1 RS Turbo
- loads more
...and for SuckSqueezeBangBlow fans, I've written the Voicemail page this month as well as a report on the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Get it bought. Go nuts.

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