Thursday, 30 August 2012

Lada X-Ray

Leave your preconceptions and clichés at the door. This, folks, is a desirable Lada. Eschewing the traditional brand perceptions (cheap, agricultural, risible), the X-Ray concept introduces a whole new lexicon for Lada: premium, chic, on-trend. And yes, desirable.
Will the yummy mummies of SW3 be able to see past the badge and into that warm, supple interior? No, probably not. And that's a great shame, as this new effort has about as much in common with the Niva as it does with a Vladivostok missile silo. It's a moot point as the X-Ray won't actually make production in this form, but still... will Lada finally be able to 'do a Škoda' and shift themselves into a respectable (and lucrative) area of the market? When this new corporate ethos starts to infuse the model lines, we'll see...
Pics via MSN.

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