Thursday, 23 August 2012

Gartrac G6

This is what happens when you rip the guts out of a mkIII Capri and stuff them into a mkIII Escort. Kind of.
The Gartrac G6 was dreamt up as a road-going version of the successful G3 and G4 rally cars, offering the (then-)new FWD Escort aesthetic with old-school RWD bruiser underpinnings to satisfy the Ford rally purists - namely a Cologne 2.8i V6 up front and a Capri axle at the rear. Three 4WD versions also emerged, using Sierra running gear, and there were even a few convertibles! But this red example is a pure RWD G6, pristine and fresh, looking as if it's never seen gravel in its life. Note also how the rear number plate flips down to reveal the relocated fuel filler.
Enlarge the road test pics below to see just what an animal this car was to drive...
Click here for the photo source, and here for the road test source.

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