Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Factory-custom 911 Slant-nose

Customising your car is an intensely personal thing. Of course, we don't all have the skills to carry out the desired work ourselves, hence the perennially blossoming aftermarket tuning industry. And if you're particularly well-heeled, you can always ask the factory to do the work for you before delivery...
This 1990 911 Turbo has possibly the most comprehensive option-ticking you'll ever hear of, with the customer's shopping list stretching over twenty-eight pages; indeed, over forty Porsche Exclusive workers were involved in fettling this Turbo to make it unique. It's got a rain sensor that'll automatically raise the roof, notifying the owner remotely if they're elsewhere. There's a 1000w Bose stereo install with tape and CD head-units. The dash houses an LED boost gauge and 220mph speedo; all gauges are faced in leather with the numbers silk-screened on by hand. Over 300 other interior parts are leather-clad as well, while the tools in the nose live in hand-sewn leather wallets.
It's mechanically impressive too, with an LSD and six-speed 'box, while under the bonnet are Motronic management, racey cams & pistons and a bigger intercooler, resulting in 460bhp at low boost... and there's a knob in the cabin to turn the boost up when required. As if 460bhp wasn't enough!
The most obvious change is the slant-nose, with its gills and pop-up headlights. A Marmite treatment, but SuckSqueezeBangBlow is a big fan.
Via Porsche.

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