Monday, 6 August 2012

E30 M3 Turbo

This will be anathema to some. The idea of strapping a turbo to the original M3's free-revving four-pot and thus exponentially altering its race-bred character may seem distasteful; indeed, many enthusiasts shunned the M-Power brand when they started turbocharging the new M3s.
...but SuckSqueezeBangBlow is all about diversity, and it's always good to see new things. This Swedish M3's owner has plumbed in a bespoke turbo setup that, along with a variety of other tricks, has released 782bhp at the wheels. Which is, er, rather a lot. So it may have lost the charm that would appeal to the purists, but it's gained some thunderous thrust that you'd be frankly mad to argue with. Horses for courses, etc.
Via Stanceworks.

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