Monday, 20 August 2012

Chinese Mustang

This raises a number of questions. Firstly, how did this Ford Mustang II, the oft-derided runt of the litter, make it into China in the first place? Secondly, could this be the cleanest and best-preserved example of the breed still in existence? Thirdly, who would be prepared to pay RMB168,000 (approximately £17,000) for it? It's clean, yes, but it's a Mustang II - surely what few enthusiasts exist would scoff at such a lofty sum?
Perhaps it carries a certain anti-establishment cachet in China; regardless of its overall rubbishness as a car, maybe the very act of driving an American car is enough of a statement in itself. So if you're in China and feeling rebellious, have a load of spare cash and don't relish the idea of driving a Great Wall Wingle or a Geely Gleagle, why not take a punt on this?

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