Thursday, 30 August 2012

Belmont GTE Turbo

The Belmont was the ugly duckling of the eighties/nineties Vauxhall line-up; basically an Astra with a boot grafted on to turn it into a saloon (or, if you will, shatchback). The thing about ugly ducklings, of course, is that they're supposed to morph into swans, although the Belmont never really did. It just rotted, crumbled and got thrown, forgotten, onto the scrapheap.
Here, though, is one rather swan-like Belmont. It's even swan white. You see, it turns out that all you need to do to make a Belmont cool is to screw in the bits that made the Astra GTE fun: a cheeky twin-cam, sporty seats, aggressive bumpers, proper brakes. As you can see, the builder got a bit carried away with the idea and ended up fitting his home-brew Belmont GTE with a high-spec XE engine... and then turbocharging it, and bolting in a vast intercooler, and taking a few inches out of the ride height. The results speak for themselves: this, ladies and gentlemen, is a very cool Belmont.
Pic source here. If you can fight through the agonising soundtrack, there's a video below as well.

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