Friday, 17 August 2012

AMG Galant

The AMG name is most closely associated with Mercedes-Benz, with many assuming that they're a Merc subsidiary set up to tune their road cars and racers. But this is not the case. AMG was founded by former Mercedes engineers back in 1967 as an independent racing engine forge; the Merc connection saw a controlling interest in the company being bought by DaimlerChrysler in 1990, but AMG have been linked with some surprising developments over the years; perhaps most surprising of all was when they looked East in the late eighties...
The AMG Galant took the standard Galant GSR as a base and souped it up somewhat, increasing power from the 2.0-litre DOHC four-pot from 138bhp to 168bhp, thanks to new cams, pistons, titanium valve springs, high-flow exhaust, revised intake manifold and tweaked ECU. Power goes through the front wheels via an uprated short-ratio five-speed, eschewing the Mitsubishi tradition of AWD sport models for something a little more scrabbly and frantic. Uprated brakes and shocks keep things manageable, while the interior may strike a chord with modern AMG drivers: luxurious and fancy - in 1989 it was pretty impressive to boast a CD player and digital climate control as well as a Nardi wheel, supple leather and, er, electric windows.
The most fun element of the AMG Galant, of course, is that of surprise. Park it up at a car show and you'll have all sorts of know-it-alls sneering 'what an idiot, he's put AMG badges on a Mitsubishi'. And you can smile benignly back, safe in the knowledge that you hold one of Affalterbach's best-kept secrets.
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