Thursday, 16 August 2012

'69 Charger

There are certain conventions to which all muscle cars must adhere:
- eye-warping colours
- vast engines
- angry faces
- very wide rear tyres
- effortless burnout capability
...etc. Modern takes on the retro muscle formula accentuate and caricaturise these traits, so that we end up with cars like this 1969 Dodge Charger. It's got a supercharged Gen-III Hemi, bored to 426ci and offering 640bhp at the wheels. There are 345-section tyres out back, mounted on vast rims (for context, the Wilwood brakes behind them are 13" in diameter!). The entire steering and suspension mechanisms have been junked in favour of modern, sophisticated systems to make all of that power usable. In short, if the bad guys in Bullitt had a Charger like this, McQueen wouldn't have got away.
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