Wednesday, 8 August 2012

'58 Apache

It's a point often made around these parts that modified pick-up trucks are brilliant. Taking something designed to be overtly utilitarian and focusing on the aesthetics, to the extent that all semblance of utility is removed, is a real statement of the customiser's art. And this concept reaches its logical conclusion when you entirely remove the floor of a pick-up's load bed in order to get it sitting as low as you can.
This truck is on air, of course, and it follows a wonderful less-is-more approach. The 1958 Chevrolet Apache represents an era when the aforementioned overt utilitarianism was at least tied neatly into the model range, meaning that it has myriad period stylistic flourishes that attract the eye; the bullet lines along the flanks that lead into the tail-lights, the racily slanted side windows, the chrome-laden nose. Throw in a thoroughly twenty-first century suspension setup and a vast modern V8 and you get something really rather special; naturally patinated, yet anchored in our times. Classy.
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