Tuesday, 14 August 2012

'53 Studebaker Coupé

Some cars are built with a clear vision in mind from the start. Others, like this 1953 Studebaker Coupé, evolve according to circumstance. It was originally built up as a Pro-Street car, complete with big-cubes V8, multi-point 'cage, tubbed wheel-wells and enormous rims (those are 10x20" at the rear!). Hankering after a little practicality, though, and wanting to create something different to the Pro-Street scene that he felt was growing stale, the owner morphed the coup into a Pro-Street-tinged street rod; the tubs and dubs remained, but a rather more sedate 285bhp Corvette V8 found its way under the bonnet. The interior was trimmed in leather and fitted with a swish stereo install to make the Studebaker more refined as a daily driver.
...and all of this was ten years ago. I wonder what it looks like now?
Via Custom Rodder.

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