Monday, 23 July 2012

Vauxhall Heritage Fleet

You're probably aware of the Ford Heritage collection, encompassing every significant model in the marque's UK history, all in mint condition and ready to be driven. Well, it'd be nice to think that all manufacturers had this kind of fondness for history, wouldn't it?
Sadly this isn't the case. Although Vauxhall, along with Ford, have an ever-growing fleet of classic models that are all perfectly servicable and admirably clean. Their lock-up outside Luton holds, among many others, a droop-snoot Firenza, the '66 XVR concept, a BTCC Vectra, representatives of the various eras of Astra, Nova and Corsa, the bonkers VX Lightning, a 1903 5hp and a Lotus Carlton. The collection is growing all the time and, brilliantly, they open it the public for one day a year.
More pictures and info here at Top Gear.

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