Monday, 23 July 2012

Twin-engined C2

In principle, any car can be turned into a performance machine, even humble models - they're just things after all, and can be fettled into any form one desires. But it's always heartening to see something extreme built from something truly unexpected.
The Citroën C2 was never destined to set the supermini market ablaze; as a replacement for the Saxo, its cartoonish appearance and mumsy targetting wouldn't flick anyones octane switch, particularly given the lack of firepower on offer across the range. You've probably noticed, however, that this C2 is rather unusual...
Under the bonnet is a 3.0-litre V6 from a Peugeot 406. And in the boot, there's another one. They each have their own 5-speed gearbox, linked together using cunning and trickery. The engines operate independently from one another, with their own ECUs, so the C2 can be front-, rear- or four-wheel drive; with both engines buzzing, there's 400bhp going through the wheels. In a Citroën C2. Which is very silly indeed.
Via Eurotuner.

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