Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Timewarp 300D Taxi

The W123 Mercedes-Benz is a modern icon - robust, sturdy, seemingly unkillable. They're very popular in Africa, where they shrug off harsh terrain as if it were nothing, and of course the diesel versions made excellent taxis in Europe: reliable, durable, frugal and unstoppable. Tales of 300Ds with 300,000+ miles on the clock are common.
The story behind this pristine W123 goes that the owner was a taxi driver; he already ran a 300D which had stratospheric mileage on the clock. With the announcement of the W124, he ordered one of the last W123s in taxi spec to have in reserve in case his workhorse broke. But of course, it didn't - they never do - so this Merc has been sat in as-new condition ever since.
It's for sale, too. €38,500 (around £30k) may seem steep for a 28 year-old taxi, but think about it: this is a car that will never die. Click here.

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Fred Castillo said...

82km... sweet mother. That's so awesome I almost can't comprehend it. It even still has the plastic on the seats lol... I want it just for the novelty of it.

Fred | http://www.multiquotetaxiinsurance.co.uk/