Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Mini quattro

As with many surprising cars that appear at Gatebil, this Mini isn't really a Mini at all. What it is, is a miracle of packaging: beneath the pumped-up Mini bodywork is a bespoke spaceframe chassis, designed to hold the 4WD mechanicals of an Audi A3 quattro. Power comes from a 1.8T Audi unit, tuned to produce 450bhp at 5,900rpm, which is enough to propel that fibreglass Z-Cars Monte Carlo Mini silhouette to some pretty ridiculous speeds. The aero addenda you see is entirely functional, while those oversized rims hide necessarily vast brakes. Everything on the car is focused on performance - a huge amount of thought has gone into the location points for the suspension, for example - and the fact that all of this power and trickery has been stuffed into a tiny Mini footprint demonstrates the true nature of the Gatebil enthusiast: they build these mad cars just because they can. And why not, eh?
Via Speedhunters.

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