Friday, 6 July 2012

Lincoln Cosmopolitan Bubbletop

This Lincoln Cosmopolitan state car shares the ethos of the Citroën SM Opera Présidentielle, but with a much more brash and right-on American slant. Behold the suicide doors, the acres of chrome, the huge flags, the whitewall tyres - this is a sturdy dignitary-shifter that gets the job done, while giving the crowds a real show. And what better way to improve upon the Cosmo limo's already outrageous styling than by converting it into a bubbletop? The sizeable plexiglass dome offers pope-like protection while still technically allowing you to be chauffeured in open-top style (although, as you can see below, this partial roof isn't all that well suited to our moist climes, with emergency cardboard boxes being deployed when the heavens open).
Harry S. Truman certainly knew how to show Queen Elizabeth II a good time. I bet she loved his rumbling behemoth.

Photos by SuckSqueezeBangBlow at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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