Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Aston Martin Magnum

The John Pope Special is a brilliantly silly car - an Aston Martin DBS racer with the body of a Vauxhall Magnum stretched over it. Campaigned in the Tricentrol Super Saloon Championship, a series for super-modified saloons that bore a vague resemblance to road cars if you squinted hard enough, it was built from the crashed remains of a DBS race car, hulking V8 and all. It finished every race it entered in 1974, but Pope felt that the engine could do with more grunt, so for the 1975 season it was fitted with an experimental AIResearch twin-turbo setup. At full-boost (18psi), it had 900bhp...
The reliability held up, with it charging on in its force-induced state to complete every race entered in '75 as well. It also took the 'fastest saloon' trophy in the Brighton Speed Trials. The best part, however, is that the car was fully road-legal, and was driven to and from most of its race meets rather than being trailered. And that's very hairy-chested indeed.
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