Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Aspid Invictus GT-21

I know what you're thinking: Aspid Invictus is a mischievous rogue from a Wodehouse novel, no?
In fact, what you're seeing here is a Spanish supercar. Seriously. A real one. It's got 450bhp going to the rear wheels courtesy of a 4.4-litre BMW V8, while the chassis is pure racecar: aluminium double-wishbones, pushrod dampers, adaptive 'bags and ASC. Draped over that spaceframe chassis are some seriously intricate composite panels, leading to a total weight of just 990kg. And being a GT, there's space for four fully-grown humans inside (allegedly), as well as a few squashy bags. No word on the 2014 OTR price yet, but performance is pretty brutal: top speed of 189mph, with 0-60mph taking under three seconds. Hijo de puta!

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