Monday, 9 July 2012

'50 Plymouth rat rod

The term 'rat' gets banded around a lot these days, applied to everything from VW Sambas dragged from lake-beds to new Fiestas with the paint stripped from their bonnets with Nitromors. But what we see here is, if you will, true rat.
The car's built from whatever was available to its builder, a Midwest farm boy. Its heart is a 1950 Plymouth Business Coupe, but it has Ford Ranger suspension, a hand-formed sheet metal nose, a grille made from a hovercraft's deck grating, sills made of fence posts, a dash made of plumbing pipe... this is the traditional rat ethos, slinging together whatever's cheap and available to create something unique and functional. The whole build took four weeks and cost just $975.
Pics via Canibeat.

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