Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Toyota Camatte

The Toyota Camatte is a car designed to get children interested in motoring. So where better to launch it than the Tokyo Toy Show?
The two cars you see in these photos are in fact the same car - the Camatte has been engineered to be entirely customisable with nothing more than a set of spanners. Every body panel is interchangeable, and not in a crappy let's-swap-the-red-bits-for-blue-bits Smart car way but, as you can see, to totally change the shape and character of the car. It's like supersized Meccano, but with a proper engine.
The aim is to steer kids away from social networking and mobile phones and all of these new-fangled distractions, and get them interested in the age-old glory of driving and internal combustion. Toyota love this kind of thing. The GT86 was built to teach teenagers about oversteer, with its AE86 DNA and skinny Michelins, and the Camatte is driving petrolheadism straight into the nucleus of childhood. It's inspired.
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