Thursday, 28 June 2012

Timewarp Seven 850

In the early days of the Mini, from its launch in 1959 until 1961, it was marketed as both the Morris Mini-Minor and the Austin Seven. What we see here is a very early Seven 850, displaying just 2,618 miles on the clock since it rolled off the production line 52 years ago. It was only on the road for a couple of years before being put into heated storage, so it still proudly wears its original underseal and shows no rust, as well as being accompanied by its original Austin keyring and the last tax disc it wore back in 1962. So what would you pay for what is effectively a nearly-new, very old Mini? Does the auction estimate of £25,000 seem reasonable? I reckon so - think about it, it's like paying someone £40/month to store it for you since it was new, then giving it to you for free. Kind of.
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