Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Rotary Corolla

Performance doesn't have to be pretty. Indeed, you can haul a ratty Corolla out of a field and wedge a Mazda 13B rotary engine under the bonnet, and you'll find yourself with something fairly rapid; your girl won't like it, but your mates might.
Under the bonnet of this Toyota you'll spot a Weber carb with 6" velocity stacks and, er, a gin bottle, while an oil cooler sits bōsō-style out front. It's slammed, rotary-powered, shod in wide wheels and, the buffers and polishers among you will be pleased to hear, won't be staying this way for long: plans are afoot to refresh the bodywork and let this ugly duckling blossom into a mighty condor, or something; performance doesn't have to be pretty, but sometimes pretty's nice. Click here to keep an eye on it.


Charlie Robert said...
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Charlie Robert said...

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