Thursday, 28 June 2012

Rapid Skoda Romeo

Why do Skodas have rear-screen heaters? To keep your hands warm. What do you call an open-top Skoda? A skip. The Czech Republic's misunderstood son has come in for a brutal hammering over the years, somewhat unfairly given their penchant for creating budget 911-esque minnows using tenacity and pig-iron
In recent times the jokes have dried up somewhat, thanks to VW ownership and the quality that brings, although the jibes at the older cars still seem to endure. So how do we improve upon the reliability concerns of an old Skoda and bolster its reputation a little? Why, by mixing in the legendary reliability of a classic Alfa Romeo...!

OK, on paper it may sound a little nuts, but this is a fantastic idea. For starters, this 1989 Rapid is top notch, with factory-fitted adjustable Spax dampers & lowered springs, sporty bodykit, Mountney steering wheel and high-end Acoustic Research stereo - very fancy for an eighties Skoda. Added to this strong base are 15" Compomotive MLs and, of course, the jewel in the crown: a 2.0-litre Alfa Romeo twin-cam wedged in the tail. It's an '83 Alfetta Gold Cloverleaf block with a '79 GTV 2000 top end and twin Dell'Orto carbs. Sounds fun.
You can't get a 911 for two grand. You can get this. Click here, it's on eBay.

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