Friday, 8 June 2012

Porsche 911 GT1

If you ever find yourself charged with the task of manoeuvring a 911 GT1 by hand, there are a couple of important points to remember:
  • It's worth a lot of money and it's not yours, so try to push the least yielding bits.
  • The diff will make all sorts of unnerving clonking noises. Fear not, you probably haven't broken it.
The GT1 was developed, unsurprisingly, for racing in the GT1 series, to compete with the heavily-modified likes of the McLaren F1 and Ferrari F40. However, Porsche approached the rulebook from a different angle; whereas other manufacturers built racers from their road-going supercars, Porsche created a bespoke 911-alike for the series. Of course, this meant that they had to homologate it, which means that it is possible to buy a fully road-legal version of the monster you see here. And that's pretty crazy, as it's basically a Porsche 962 with a 911 nose and 600bhp in the tail...
You'll be pleased to learn that SuckSqueezeBangBlow didn't break the GT1, but did rather enjoy stroking it, and spent rather more time than was comfortable standing beside at and muttering sweet nothings into its sizeable vents.


dedes said...

Great photos of the Porsche 911 GT1/004, that recently belonged to "The Matthew Drendel Porsche Collection", which was auctioned off. Is this location in the UK? Looks like a college concours? Thanks!

juice said...

Yes, it's in the UK - at the Royal Hospital in Chelsea. It was the press day for the forthcoming Chelsea Auto Legends event:

dedes said...

Thank You! It appeared to be in the UK, wasn't sure exactly. Good to know it's in good hands, always wondering where the car is.....! And all the other Drendel Porsches.