Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Opel Corsa Spyder

The Vauxhall Nova (or Opel Corsa, as it was sold in Europe) once provided all the ammunition necessary for looking down one's nose at youth: it was seen as the poster car for laddish boy racer culture, each with a bigger Peco exhaust and dodgier fibreglass bodykit than the last. But those days are behind us - today, the Nova/Corsa has passed into the realm of retro chic. Modified examples these days tend to sit within the tasteful OEM+/low/clean/Euro sphere rather than the Max Power stereotypes of yore.

All of this means that the time is probably right for somebody to build a replica of this, the Corsa Spyder. It was a prototype shown at Geneva in 1982, its radical interior (featuring a digi-dash and Walkman plugin) styled by Chris Bangle. The passenger side was covered by a solid tonneau, which slid into the door when not in use, while the driver's seat could be flipped forward to allow the whole interior to be sealed with another cover when parked. This surely wouldn't be too hard for a skilled bodyshop to knock up, right? Now that Novas are cool again, you would win nothing but respect from your peers, particularly if you shoehorned in some modern VXR firepower...

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