Wednesday, 13 June 2012

E28 Touring Turbo

I know what you're thinking: it's an E28 5-series estate. And you're right, BMW never officially sold such a thing. The few that exist were retro-coachbuilt in period, most by Schulz Tuning (a firm usually associated with Mercedes-Benz conversions).
The example you see here fell into the hands of its current owner as something of a basket case - riddled with rust, the rear side windows panelled over, and generally looking irretrievably knackered. However, a clear focus on the end product and the tenacity see it through allowed this Touring to blossom into something rather spectacular. A full stripdown and rebuild saw the factory-finish bodywork coated in E39 Fjordgrau Metallic, while the refreshed engine received throttle bodies, Alpina cams and a Garrett GT40 turbo. Coilovers drop it to the tarmac over wide 17" Schnitzers - 9" front, 10.5" at the rear. All in all, it's arguably the perfect car: rare (nay, unique), aggressive, terribly fast, extremely handsome, and enormously practical. You could spend the morning lapping the Nürburgring, then pick up the kids and pootle down to B&Q. All things to all men.
Via Stanceworks.

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