Monday, 11 June 2012

Black Smoke Racing

One of the key elements of drifting is that it creates a fair bit of smoke. Tyres, when they atomise, turn into an ethereal white cloud which, let's be honest, is a large part of drifting's appeal. Every petrolhead loves the smell of tyresmoke. But what if the sport's colour palette starts to get a bit, well, samey...?
Some tyre manufacturers have experimented with different pigments to create red smoke, blue smoke etc, but that's all a little contrived. What Black Smoke Racing offer (as you might have guessed) is dirty great gobs of acrid black exhaust smoke to mix with the white-out. And how is this achieved? DIESEL POWER!
Their weapon of choice is a W123 Mercedes estate with a 3.0-litre straight-six diesel, boosted by both an enormous Holset turbo and an Eaton supercharger. You can learn all about BSR here, and there's a video below to demonstrate the smokiness in all its glory.

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