Tuesday, 12 June 2012

'68 Honda S800

This diminutive Honda has a lovely tale to tell. Resplendent in the faded glory of motorsport and oozing timeworn patina, it was a racer from the start. Bought new by an American stationed in Okinawa, it was originally white and used for autocrossing. On returning to the States, the owner brought the 791cc Honda home with him, painting it orange to match his Boss 302 Mustang. You may already have noticed the Boss 302 side-stripes too...
Sometime in the early eighties the S800 was parked up and sidelined, remaining static for a quarter of a century. The current owner acquired it five years ago, restoring the mechanicals to as-new condition, but leaving the bodywork as a reminder of past adventures. It would be wrong to repaint it now, don't you think...?
Via cncpics.com


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