Thursday, 28 June 2012

'66 Fusca V8

The Volkswagen Beetle (or Fusca, as the Brazilians would have it) is many things - charming, practical, simple, versatile - but you can't really accuse it of being quick. Not in standard form, anyway. This is why countless tuning patterns have developed over the years; race-derived chassis and engines, Porsche or Subaru boxers in the tail... but the conversion we see here doesn't really fit a modifying template. V8 Beetles are far from common.

The genius of this Beetle is that it looks relatively unassuming, aside from those subtly coded banded steels - it's a proper sleeper. It's only when you lift the engine lid and spy nothing but a cooling system (and water-cooled, no less!) that suspicions are aroused. Popping the bonnet reveals a Ford 302ci V8; it runs a standard state of tune, but its 200bhp is more than enough for the lightweight Bug. Peering through the windows, you'll spot a few changes to the interior too: one of the rear seats has been removed in order to accommodate the spare wheel and fuel tank, and what remains of the seating is trimmed in sumptuous leather. A strong all-rounder, this - quick, unique, reasonably luxurious, and more than capable of surprising people at the lights. What's not to like?
Click here for more. (It's from '08, but I thought it was worth sharing..!)


Anonymous said...

Look this Karmann Guia V8

DaveT said...

So cool!