Thursday, 14 June 2012

420G: The Beast

Picture the scene: it's a moonless night, the rain's beating down, you're holding a sodden newspaper over your head as you dart from doorway to doorway. The Jaguar's door swings wide, inviting you into its cosseting embrace. Vicious diamonds of rain penetrate your outerwear, your very being; a cursory glance at the car's silhouette confirms your suspicion that yes, it's a 420G - the Jetsons-esque luxury four-door from the mid-sixties. You dive into the dry, shaking the weather from your coat and the cold from your mind. But, hang on a minute... that transmission tunnel is absurdly wide, no?
But it's too late. You're in the belly of the beast. As the brutal V8 fires up, all you can hope for is an empty road as you find yourself catapulted improbably swiftly toward the horizon.

Welcome to the frightening world of The Beast. It's a 420G, but not as you know it...
Spotted by Trigger at Mersea Motor Madness.


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