Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Zed Pony

The Ford Zephyr/Zodiac mkII harks back to an era when European Ford design sought to emulate that of its Stateside counterparts in order to inject a litle glamour into the line-up. (No, not like the Mondeo in the nineties. Different kind of era, different thinking.) They had fins and chrome and rakish charm in spades. What they never really had, though, was muscle.
Sure, they could be made to be nippy enough with, say, triple carbs and spicy cams, but that six-shooter was very much designed for the sedate pace of the sixties British high street.

Of course, these things can be sorted out quite easily. This particular Zodiac, spotted by SuckSqueezeBangBlow at the recent Krispy Kreme meet, features a big, bruising Mustang V8. And this isn't just a wedge of Dearborn iron winched in by hillbilly dirt-trackers - it's a quality build throughout, clean as a whistle yet seemingly showroom-fresh. There are some rather obvious modern embellishments - the uprated headlights, the grippy rubber, the huge rev counter, the sturdy autobox to channel all of that extra torque to the beefed-up rear axle - yet the overall aesthetic is one of a period-perfect muscle saloon. Just like Dagenham should have built...

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