Thursday, 10 May 2012

Sunbeam hillclimber

The Lotus Sunbeam, as previously explored in these parts, is a special and exciting thing. And that's just in standard form - apply the sort of lunacy we see in these photos and we find something otherworldly and, to be honest, a little scary.
This Sunbeam may wear the works colours but it's like nothing that Talbot/Lotus ever built. The original 2.2-litre slant-four remains, but it's had its stroke shortened to reduce capacity to 2.0-litres, which is optimised via shouty induction and an increased rev-limit (to 10,000rpm, for goodness' sake!) to create a rasping howl that could melt buildings and more power than you can shake the proverbial stick at. It's got a sequential 'box with paddle-shift, and check out the width of that track - the forest arches can barely contain those begirthed BBS rims. As Speedhunters rightly point out, this is pretty much what a Group B Sunbeam would have looked like.
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