Friday, 4 May 2012

Streetracer 164

Until today, juxtaposing the words 'sports car' and 'Alfa Romeo 164' would have me daydreaming of Procars. But this 164 is an entirely different proposition...
Race cams and head work combine with bigger injectors, a remap and a raised compression ratio to throw some unprecedented thunder through the Q2 LSD. The handling's taken care of by one-off coilovers - Koni adjustable struts, Bilstein coilover sleeves, H&R springs - while the rolling stock comprises the lesser-spotted split-rim OZ Pegasus. The interior's stripped and the windows are Lexan to shed some weight from what is, let's face it, quite a bulky car, all of which adds to the aggressive aura. You wouldn't want to spill its pint, would you?
Via Canibeat

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Kuroda said...

I never seen before such a beautiful Alfa 164.