Friday, 18 May 2012

Rocket Bunny Sileighty

As dedicated drift machines go, they don't get a lot more serious than this. It's a Nissan Sileighty (Silvia front, 180SX rear) which has been almost fully spaceframed, with overall weight obsessively pared back; the windows are polycarbonate, the front and rear bumpers turned into all-in-one clamshells, and there are carbon-fibre and fibreglass panels aplenty. It's got a super-wide track to keep it planted while the SR20DET doles out its 400+bhp, boosted by a distinctly agricultural Holset turbo (whose flame-spitting wastegate exits through the bonnet). Oh, and it's street legal, so its owner can power sideways to the shops on his special Maxxis drift tyres. Nice.
See Drifted for more.

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