Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Rennspec E46 M3

Modified M3s are like Marmite - they're dark brown, yeasty, and come in small glass jars. Or something.
This particular E46 is sure to divide opinion. Mechanically speaking, you can't really argue; its supercharged 3.2-litre straight-six offers up 445bhp, with lots of race-derived trickery within. Coilovers, camber plates and suchlike are similarly race-spec to maximise sure-footedness on the track - this is, after all, built for function. The stripped interior is testament to that.
...but form has been afforded equal weighting to function. The vibrant blue paintwork receives a shocking counterpoint in the form of Takata Green Volk TE37 alloys, while the vast rear spoiler is as much about making a statement as it is about aerodynamics and downforce. An aggressive build, then - you'll either love it or you won't.
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