Wednesday, 2 May 2012

RB25DET Passat

Considered by many as the ugly duckling of the mid-nineties VW line-up, this B3 Passat is fighting back with a vengeance. Look at its angry eyes!
Under the bonnet is a turbocharged Nissan RB25 engine from an R33 Skyline, mated to the R33 clutch and gearbox. It's rear-wheel drive, and has Nissan 300ZX brakes, a hydraulic handbrake, race coilovers, a welded diff, a full 'cage and a fixed bucket. And just look at that insane steering lock... once you get to that point, you should really start to think about fitting wipers to the side windows. When this B3 is finished, it'll be a formidable drift machine.
Click here and here to follow the build.

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