Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Purple Miura SV

Last week, SuckSqueezeBangBlow was all a-flutter over the Lamborghini 400GT that appeared at the California Supercar Sunday meet (not to be confused with the entirely different Goodwood Supercar Sunday meet that we attended the other day). There was another Cali Lambo that rather caught the SSBB eye too, and here it is: a '72 Miura SV. Now, Lamborghinis should come in shocking and outrageous colours; yellow is the bare minimum of shoutiness, with lime green and fiery orange being chosen more often than not. But, Diablo aside, it's a pretty rare thing to see a purple Lambo, particularly a model as rare and celebrated as the Miura SV. So, here you go - enjoy a few snaps of one of the most beautiful cars ever created, in a shade that you might not see again any time soon.
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