Monday, 28 May 2012

Pro-street MG Magnette

Well, isn't this a bold and unorthodox development for a grand old English gent?
The MG Magnette was a solid family car for the 1950s, offering a reasonably plushly appointed cabin and warm performance from its Austin-derived engine - a dependable and sturdy thing. This Magnette, however, is rather different. Built by Enigma Racing, it's designed principally to do two things: drag-racing at various events across the UK, and chasing speed records at Bonneville. This requires it to be rather Jekyll & Hyde in approach; it needs to accelerate ferociously, but also (presumably with a change of axle ratios) be able to sustain these massive engine loads in pursuit of silly speeds.
Enigma know what they're doing, of course - the pictures speak for themselves. You can learn more here.
(These photos were snapped by SuckSqueezeBangBlow at Motorsport at the Palace 2012.)

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Steve Metcalf said...

Thanks for the kind words in the write up, some real nice pictures too! Great to meet like minded people that understand the madness.