Thursday, 3 May 2012

Two low Imprezas

Modifying Imprezas is a contentious business. They're overtly sporting machines, so it's natural (nay, compulsory) for owners to tweak the performance of them yet further; the average buyer is a die-hard petrolhead - the reason you seldom see a standard Impreza is that they've all been bought by the kind of folk who factor the cost of aftermarket exhausts, intercoolers and vast brakes into the car's purchase price. This is all good. But it's the area of aesthetic modification that polarises the purists from the new-age modifiers. In the nineties, it was commonly accepted that Blue Mica paint, 555 livery and Gold Speedlines were your only option beyond standard. The kind of cars you see in this post are loved by some and loathed by others...
But sod it, I'm from the PlayStation generation, I grew up building these cars in Gran Turismo to be as fast and as low as possible, embracing compromise and pushing the stance/performance envelope. If people are going to do that kind of thing for real, that's something to be encouraged.
So, here we have two facelifted second-gen Imprezas, from the era when Subaru attempted to appease fans of the first-gen model by removing the bug-eyes of its replacement and substituting them with something more aesthetically un-challenging. (Personally, I loved the bug-eye... but I suspect I'm in a minority, even now.) They're aggressively low and very, very shiny. If you feel that an Impreza should be jacked up on rally shocks and spattered with forest mud, then this will be anathema to you. But if you like the idea of pan-scene appeal for performance cars, you can click here for more.

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