Monday, 21 May 2012

Krispy Kreme meet - May '12

The monthly Krispy Kreme meet is predominantly a muscle car event, although the occasional VW and British Ford do sneak in - much like the Chelsea Cruise, really. There was an excellent turnout yesterday, as you can see - the blown big-block El Camino provided enough rolling thunder to awaken everybody in New Malden, the high-tech '69 Camaro offered a thoroughbred streetracer package, and the trio of Beetles showcased three key strands of Dub culture; pristine and largely standard, semi-rat on Porsche rims, and chopped Volksrod. Elsewhere in (and beyond) the car park were a variety of Dodge Chargers and Ford Mustangs, a near-concours Jaguar 420G and a very clean pair of mkII Granadas.

Fancy popping down to the next one? It happens on the third Sunday of the month (bright and early!) at the New Malden Krispy Kreme drive-thru on the A3.

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