Wednesday, 23 May 2012

KA24DE Datsun 510

A quality build from the UAE, this Sunshine Yellow '73 510 has a proper retro streetracer feel to it. The heart of the project is the turbocharged KA24DE twin-cam - as the custom VIN plate demonstrates, this was originally pushing out 509bhp @5800rpm. Now detuned to a more everyday-useable 349bhp, this Datsun still has aggression in spades, having been built for speed on track rather than to be a show queen. There's a Nismo LSD, vast S13 brakes, a Starion intercooler and 16" wheels on 225-section tyres all working together to get the power down, while the looks have been kept relatively subtle. Impressive stuff.
Via Crank & Piston.

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