Thursday, 17 May 2012

Ginetta G4R

Want to get involved in some historic lightweight tussling but feel the Lotus Elan is a little samey? What you're after, sir, is the Ginetta G4R.
The letter R differentiates this car from the regular G4, which was Ginetta's first production car that was designed to be well-mannered on the road as well as competitive on the track. Production began in 1961, with the car powered by Ford's 105E Anglia engine; as you can see here, however, the Lotus twin-cam slots in rather nicely for that guttural induction bark and revvy thrust that Elan drivers enjoy. The G4R also has independent rear suspension, disc brakes all round and, in the case of this example, a rollcage with a floor-braced Petty Strut.
Other benefits of this G4R are the Wilwood brakes, dry-sump set-up, twin 45DCOE Webers and plumbed-in fire extinguisher. Ready for the track then, with the added advantage that in its pristine state, it looks absolutely gorgeous. Sell a few of your possessions, click here, get it bought, enrich your life.

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Urs Bleichenbacher said...

Wow - would like to buy this car