Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Ferrari XX at Monza

Ferrari's XX programme represents the zenith of supercar evolution: halo models that are sold to hand-picked, loyal customers, acting as ultra high-tech development mules for future road and race cars. If you're lucky (and wealthy) enough to be selected by Ferrari to buy an XX model - usually because you have a proven history of buying every new Ferrari model on release, or are a noted collector of classics - then you don't actually get to take the car home with you. It lives with Ferrari, and you use it when they say you can; they're neither road-legal nor eligible for any race series, so you can only use them on designated XX track days. What we see here is one such day...
Brought together at Monza, FXXs and 599XXs dice expensively around the Parabolica and scream to bird-stunning extremes through Serraglio, their sumptuous splitters and unique carbon-fibre glinting in the Italian sun. Oh, and to make it even more thrilling, the new 599XX Evo has an F1-developed DRS system. Bonkers.
If you want to witness this kind of hedonistic playboyism for yourself, the XX programme will be dropping into Silverstone in September - click here for details. They'll also be trying to break the world record for Largest Parade of Ferrari Cars, so expect to see 500-odd other cavallini rampante too...
Pics via Top Gear

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