Thursday, 31 May 2012

Ferrari F40

For children of the eighties, there is no supercar more iconic than the F40. We all had a poster of one on our wall alongside the Porsche 959 and Lamborghini Countach, but it was the bewinged cavallino rampante that held the strongest, most ethereal allure; its obscene rear spoiler, NACA ducts, wafer-thin paint, no-nonsense interior and, best of all, that screaming twin-turbo V8 formed an unbeatable package. A race car for the road that was never designed to race, a disparate and capricious exotic that was built just to prove that it could be done; a ballistic, uncompromising model to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the marque, and the last car to to be signed off by Enzo himself.
I feel a little frisson of excitement whenever I'm near one. It makes me a schoolboy again. I find myself unable to stop poring over its form, drinking in the details, taking endless photos. Here's one that I had a little moment with at the Chelsea Auto Legends press day...

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