Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Evanta DB4 GT Zagato Evocation

Tha Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato has passed a value tipping-point; its rarity and race provenance are appreciated now more than ever. While the model may have been somewhat overlooked in the nineties and noughties as classic collectors sought to plough their cash into Italian exotica, the coachbuilt DB4 is now achieving stratospheric auction prices and heading toward Ferrari GTO territory.
The result of all this is that they're quite hard to track down. For the enthusiast who wants one to drive rather than to polish, what's the best way of securing one? Well, if you want the classic lines wrapped around modern running gear (and enjoy thumbing your nose at the purists), Evanta have the answer: the DB4 GT Zagato Evocation. It's based on the DB7 - the polarising model that's simultaneously celebrated for being the forefather of Aston Martin's modern design direction, and derided for its origins on the aged Jaguar XJ-S platform. What Evanta have done here is strip a DB7 down to its component parts, then stuff the V12, the Tiptronic gearbox, the air-conditioning, the airbags and everything else into a handcrafted DB4-alike shell. There's a hidden rollcage in there, as well as opulent Oxblood leather; DB4 seats and trim give an authentic feel, while the DB4 dash incorporates DB7 dials. In SuckSqueezeBangBlow's opinion, this is a work of genius in terms of packagaing as well as visualisation of concept. And a DB4 GT Zagato that you can drive reliably all year round, that will dominate on track as well as the autobahn? Sod the purists, that's an unbeatable package.
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