Monday, 14 May 2012

Docile Lancer

It's a question of preference, of course, but drag racers that have largely retained their stock form just look so cool, don't they? Obviously in cases such as this Lancer, it's clear that something out of the ordinary is going on - thank the graphics and picnic-table spoiler for that - but body-wise, it looks something akin to what you might find in Sainsbury's car park.
I've already told you that it's a drag racer, so you're prepared for something special. But how's this? This Mitsubishi Lancer Evo III produces around 1,200bhp...
It's quite a famous car on the New Zealand drag scene, and has been through various evolutions over the years in terms of power and aesthetics. The Speedtech Motorsport-built 4G63T runs a huge HKS T51R SPL turbo, forcing absurd quantities of air into the MoTec-managed unit. It's been a break-it-and-upgrade it process, running the standard transmission for a while (in the car's milder 700bhp days) before it blew up, then replacing it with a bespoke dog-'box. As it stands at the moment, it runs 8-second quarter-miles; it has the potential to run sevens, but it'll need a stronger, more appropriate tube chassis than the standard-ish setup it has now. So, when this one breaks...
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