Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Blydenstein Viva GT

This HB is a replica of Gerry Marshall's Blydenstein Vauxhall Viva GT, as campaigned in 1970. It was built by Colin Robbins, who began with little more than a savagely rusty Viva road car and a race car vision - his endeavours bore fruit in the form of this stunningly accurate and period-correct GT. Marshall wrote off the original Viva at Lydden Hill and went on to race the widely admired and fondly remembered Firenzas, Old Nail and Baby Bertha, but Robbins' project rekindles the memory of where the Marshall/Vauxhall association began.
It's no show queen either - this Viva was built to be used, and regularly competes in sprints and hillclimbs, its pristine period decals and arrow-straight bodywork testament to how well it's been built to handle.

Photos taken by SuckSqueezeBangBlow at Motorsport at the Palace 2012.

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